The THAI ART ARCHIVES conceives, organizes, and records for future public access a wide range of events and public programs, among them:


Special artist or thematic roundtables, either independently or in collaboration with colleagues and/or sister institutions


Symposia bringing together historic and/or contemporary figures of national and international importance


Collaborative programs with members of the TAA Global Friends Consortium, which assist them in bringing their projects, mission, and/or related products to wider public attention


[Photo: Rirkrit Tiravanija: (who's afraid of red, yellow, and green), August 2010 Artist Roundtable in collaboration with 100 Tonson Gallery, Bangkok; courtesy of 100 Tonson Gallery; All rights reserved.]

JOHN CLARK: Asian Modernities: Chinese and Thai Art Compared,1980 to1999 [Power Publications; University of Sydney, 2010]; Critical Roundtable with the READING ROOM and the THAI ART ARCHIVES, December 2011





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Dennis Balk, Colin de Land, American Fine Arts, Gallery Ver

DENNIS BALK: Bangkok Bound (Pun Intended!), Artist Discussion on the Occasion of his First Bangkok Solo Exhibition at GALLERY VER; Co-hosted by the READING ROOM and THAI ART ARCHIVES, October 2011


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Rirkrit, Tiravanija, Relational Art

RIRKRIT TIRAVANIJA: (who's afraid of red, yellow, and green), Bangkok Solo Exhibition at 100 Tonson Gallery and Artists Roundtable with the THAI ART ARCHIVES, August 2010


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